"HESCO provided a wastewater flowmeter system and installation that insures we are compliant with the flow proportional sampling requirement stated in our wastewater discharge permit. We have the ability to accurately track the discharge flow rates now. We have found Hesco staff to be very helpful and responsive with any questions or concerns we may have regarding the equipment. We can recommend HESCO based on our experience with this project."  - Industrial client


"Hats off to Dave and HESCO, I don’t know jack about magnetic meters, and had no idea where to find the circuit breaker. Dave went through the submittal and found the circuit breaker number in the PLC. Dave went the extra mile to get mag meter 10 working from going through the wire at both ends retiming wire, and taking it apart a few times in an attempt to get it to work, not to mention answering  the questions I had. Great reflection of HESCO.  Long after project completion, HESCO continues to excel. Their technician made a follow up call to see how things are going! Who does that? HESCO apparently great company!"  Frank Kersanty, Quality Production Manager, DeMaria


"When testing and servicing all of our condensate meters across our campus. The staff was very responsive to all of our needs as well as the communication being very effective throughout the process. The service was very efficient and reliable.  Even during that week when the Detroit area was flooded, HESCO maintained all communication and was quick at rescheduling when needed.  - Michael Saldana, Facilities Management - Western Michigan University


I want to tell you how much I appreciate Hesco’s core values. Knowledgeable. Professional. Attentive. Likeable. All true.  - Jim Gray, Johnson & Wood, LLC