Minebea Intec

Formerly known as Sartorius, Minebea Intec is a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies. With more than 147 years experience Minebea Intec provides products, solutions and services to the process industry for increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of production and packaging lines.

Minebea serves the Food & Beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry and Machinery / OEM with the following products: 

  • Load Cells
  • Ex Solutions
  • Weight Indicators
  • Process Software
  • Foreign Body Detectors
  • Checkweighers
  • Bench & Floor Scales

They also offer Engineering Support Services, Start-up, upgrades, maintenance and repair, Service contract levels and have an academy for training.

Minebea Intec

Sales Reps

Justin Bennett
Sales Engineer
Southeastern Michigan

John Dolan
Industrial Sales Engineer

Tim Bulbuk
Industrial Sales Engineer
West Michigan

Service Rep:

Dave Burkel
Field Service Manager

Applications & Products

  • Flow Metering
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Process Monitoring

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