Air Heaters

Manufacturer: Tutco SureHeat

Air Heaters

Tutco SureHeat offers a wide variety of standard air heating products and accessories for industrial OEM packaging equipment. 

The products are used in several industries that require electric hot air heat to dry, seal, cure and other heat treat processes.  With years of experience developing air heaters for industrial processes, the chances are very high that we have a standard component product available to meet your requirements. 

Series I, II, III

  • Inexpensive Spot-Heating Applications
  • Quartz Insulator Tube
  • Open or Nozzle End
  • Single phase
  • ​Typically used with compressed air

​Serpentine II, VI

  • Triple Pass Exchange Housings   
  • Improved Safety & Efficiency
  • Easy to Service & Replace Element
  • Single phase
  • Typically used with compressed air

​Threaded Inline

  • ​High-Pressure Applications
  • ​Optional Power Connections
  • Critical High-Heat Processes
  • Single or 3 phase
  • Typically used with compressed air

Jet, Max, Max HT Products

  • High Temperature Applications 
  • (1) Built-in Type K Thermal Couple
  • Built-in Over-temp Protection
  • Single or 3 phase
  • Use compressed air or regenerative blowers

Hot Air Tools

  • Compact Size           
  • Built-in Type K Thermal Couple
  • Precise Temp Control +/- 1°F
  • Single phase
  • Typically used with compressed air

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Dec 21, 2017

Smiths Group plc Acquires OSRAM SYLVANIA INC’s Process Heating Division, rebrands as TUTCO SureHeat