Diffused Aeration

Manufacturer: Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

Diffused Aeration

All Ashbrrok Simon-Hartley aeration products and services are designed and developed to obtain the highest levels durability, efficiency and flexibility in design and  application.  They offer the Dura Disc Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser, Dura Disc Course Bubble Diffuser and Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble Diffuser. 

Dura Disc Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

The Dura-Disc Plus is the most durable membrane disc diffuser available. Its materials and design features were developed to produce years of efficient oxygen transfer in an incredibly wide range of operating flow rates. The design features of the diffuser enable it to provide efficient oxygen transfer from 0.5 scfm/diff through 10 scfm/diff. Certified outside testing verifies our diffuser is the most efficient over a variety of airflows.

Dura Disc Course Bubble Diffuser

The Dura Disc coarse bubble diffuser offers affordable and durable mixing and aeration.  With the air releasing from the underside of the glass reinforced polypropylene base, suspended solids are swept off the tank floor.  The thickened and non-perforated center pad of the diffuser blocks the air orifice during shut off, therefore eliminating any fluids or solids from infiltrating the piping system.  Flow ranges from 5-30 scfm offer high process flexibility.

Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley offers unmatched flexibility in design by having three stainless steel coarse bubble diffusers to chose from; Closed Bottom Diffuser, Open Bottom Diffuser, and Open Bottom with Flapper Check Valve Diffuser.  With full penetration continuous welds, these diffusers are of the highest quality and durability. The exclusive cast mounting tee design adds strength and resistance to vibration, which enhances the quality of the system.  All three coarse bubble diffuser’s design features enable them to operate from 2 scfm through 50 scfm/diff. A triple port air release pattern shears the bubble and allows the diffuser to maximize efficiency.

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