Fiberglass Flumes

Manufacturer: TRACOM Inc.

Fiberglass Flumes

TRACOM offers all major flume types for open channel flow monitoring. Each flume has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is recommended that before selecting a flume that the characteristics of each flume be considered.

Parshall: Most widely used type of flume for permanent installations. Available in throat widths of 1” to 180”, resistant to the effects of submergence

  • 50% for 1″ – 3″ flumes
  • 60% for 6″ and 9″ flumes
  • 70% for 12″ – 96″ flumes
  • 80% for 120″ flumes

Palmer-Bowlus: 4″-108″ sizes available (sized by throat width). Three primary styles:

  • 4D+1″ (permanent style with integral approach section): Point of measurement inside of the flume
  • 2D+1″ (short sectioned flume with only the trapezoidal ramp): Point of measurement upstream of the flume
  • Insert style (2D+1″ length but no end flanges and O.D. of flume is I.D. of pipe): Potential problems with accuracy due to reduced flume width

Available with bulkheads to connect to existing pipe

HS / H / HL: Available in a wide range of sizes from 0.4’ HS – 4.0’ HL. Developed for agricultural runoff with a wide range of flows (maximum flow rates from 36.0 GPM – 52,509.6 GPM) 

  • Approach section and inlet bulkhead available for connection to existing pipe
  • Simple flow meter calibration
  • Flat bottom for self-cleaning of small debris

Trapezoidal: Initially designed to measure flows in irrigation channels, conforms to the normal shape of ditches (minimizing transition). Operates under higher degrees of submergence than Parshall flumes

  • Excellent usable head at low flow rates
  • Maximum flow rates from 43.0 GPM – 663.8 GPM (Small to Extra Large 60 Degree V Trapezoidal)
  • End adapters are available for Small, Large, and Extra Large 60 Degree V Trapezoidal flumes to connect to existing pipe

Cutthroat: Similar to a Parshall flume except with flat bottom and no extended throat. Operates satisfactorily under both free and submerged flow conditions. Flat bottom for self-cleaning of small debris (1” and 2” throat widths not recommended for sanitary flows). Maximum flow rates from 52.6 GPM – 43,494 GPM  Not available with standard end adapters to connect to existing pipe

RBC: Simple construction developed for use in small furrows and unlined canals, Five throat widths (50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm)

  • Ideal for very low flow rates
  • Maximum flow rates from 22.98 GPM – 790.79 GPM
  • Inlet and outlet wingwalls recommended for use in unlined canals

Montana: Design is a Parshall flume with the throat and discharge sections removed, and uses the same discharge table as a similarly sized Parshall flume. Available in throat widths of 1” to 144”. Self-cleaning in most circumstances (not recommend for sanitary use in 1” and 2” sizes)

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