Fiberglass Manholes

Manufacturer: TRACOM Inc.

Fiberglass Manholes

manufactured to ANSI/ASTM D-3753-81 specification and ideal for quick, simple, below surface flow and grinder applications, TRACOM manholes provide ease of installation, corrosion resistance, watertight construction, and a minimum of downtime during installation. Tracom offers packaged metering manholes, magnetic flow meter manholes, grinder manholes, storm manholes, energy absorbing manholes, and screening manholes,

PPM Manhole Characteristics

All of the packaged metering manhole pieces are glassed together. There are no joints or seals to allow for the inflow of water into the manhole. This watertight integrity can result in substantial saving on sewer bills. Additionally, TRACOM packaged metering manholes weigh approximately 1/10th of a traditional concrete manhole, minimizing the amount of manpower and machinery need to the install the unit.

An Integrated Solution

  • Integral flume for flow measurement. Simply choose the flume that best fits your flow rates and flow stream composition
  • Choice of cover styles
  • Pipe adapters
  • Fiberglass access ladder with stainless steel reinforced, photoluminescent rungs
  • NPT coupling for wiring and tubing access
  • Integral Floor and base mounting flange

TRACOM offers the largest number of standard covers to complete your packaged metering manhole

  • Dome Top Style
  • H-20 Highway Traffic Loading Style
  • Aluminum Hatch Style

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