HI 1769-WS and 1769-2WS CompactLogix® Module

Manufacturer: Hardy Process Solutions

HI 1769-WS and 1769-2WS CompactLogix® Module

Hardy HI 1769-WS and -2WS are single channel PLC-style weigh scale modules for use with the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix® 1500 and CompactLogix® controllers.

Small size, high performance and Super Easy Integration

  • Free Add-On-Profiles           
  • Free Faceplate/AOIs for HMIs
  • Direct Back-plane Connectivity

The HI 1769-WS and -2WS reads and conditions weight and diagnostic data from strain gauge load sensors or load cells up to one hundred times per second and communicates this data over the I/O chassis backplane to the PLC processor. The HI 1769-WS module reduces installation costs, as it needs no external stand-alone scale instrument with a wired communications link to the PLC.

High resolution enables the module to tolerate large dead loads and over sizing of the load sensors, while retaining a high level of usable resolution.  

The WS module supplies 5 volts of DC excitation to drive up to four 350-ohm load sensors or load cells associated with a single scale. The 2WS supports up to eight 350-ohm load cells with two scales.  Both will support additional load cells with an external power supply.

The HI 1769-WS incorporates Hardy Process Toolbox core features of 

  • WAVERSAVER®, C2® electronic calibration

Rockwell Add-On-Profile (AOP)

  • Quickly and easily configure the HI 1769-WS for your application through PLC software on a PC.  A face plate makes the modules incredibly easy to use with common weighing functions built into the faceplate.