ISO-DISC. Disk Filter

Manufacturer: Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

ISO-DISC. Disk Filter

The ISO-DISC™ Disk Filter is a continuous operating system that utilizes a fixed filter disk and a linear backwash system which provides a uniform backwash flux across 100% of the available media area.

The fixed-disk design permits removal of each individual disk while the filter remains in operation. The filter disks remain fixed while the linear backwash manifold moves in a vertical motion removing solids from both sides of the filter cloth. At the beginning of the timed backwash cycle, which is initiated by headloss across the filter, electronically actuated valves segregate the backwash manifolds and clean the filter disks in a predetermined sequence. This insures complete cleaning of the filter cloth while minimizing the rate at which backwash water is returned to the treatment facility. The double-sided cleaning manifold allows for tight disk spacing making the ISO-DISC™ Disk Filter the most compact filter available. This feature makes this system very attractive for large flow wastewater treatment plants, small package plants and ideal for retrofit applications such as traveling bridge filters and moving bed media filters. Performance of the ISO-DISC™ Disk Filter is second to none. The cloth is capable of solids capture down to 10 micron without having to build up a filter mat and does not require any run-in time. The multi-layer cloth is supplied as two specific dimensioned sheets for each disk that can be replaced and re-installed in a matter of minutes, all while the filter continues to function without interruption.

• Any Disk Can Be Isolated & Monitored Individually

• No Rotating Parts or Seals

• Linear Backwash Mechanism Provides Uniform Media Cleaning

• Square and Rectangular Disks with 100% Active Filtration Area

• Extremely Small Footprint to Flow Ratio

• Ultra-Low Reject Rates

• Easily Expanded

• Continuous Filtration During Backwash & Filter Maintenance

• 100% Media Life

• No Hoist or Crane Required

• Optimized Design for Phosphorus Removal Applications

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