MerMaid Software

Manufacturer: Maid Labs Technologies

MerMaid Software

The MerMaid software provides extensive electrical and hydraulic analysis with Excel and PDF reports. The MerMaid software is the only tool to integrate electrical and hydraulic analysis. It is made of two products, a datalogger and a software - get the accuracy of a mag meter, without its limitation and stiff price. 

The MerMaid software is the first tool to integrate electrical and hydraulic analysis. It is made of two products, a datalogger and a software. The volumetric flow calculated by the Mermaid software is within 2% of the accuracy of a mag meter, but can be installed in 10 minutes and moved to other stations if needed. Electrical bills can be drastically reduced by identifying how much electricity is being wasted by inefficient pumps in a collection system. It identifies which pump should be repaired or replaced first and how much it will cost if not done. We invite you to see all the reports generated onscreen and on paper. You will understand why it pays for itself so rapidly.

Flow rates and energy consumption for each pump are required to calculate pump efficiency, which is the number of gallons pumped per watt of electricity used. Until now, getting this money saving service was too expensive and required highly trained field personal and nearly $20,000 of power and flow monitoring instruments, working for several days to get all the required data. The cost of such a service was simply too high … until now. Over a period of 20 years our engineering staff have developed the most accurate patented volumetric flow technology. Then, for 7 years we worked on the development of a multi-pump, multi-phase electrical recorder that could fit inside all pump station control panels. Now it is possible to get this valuable information at a reasonable cost.


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Mar 9, 2016

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