RG-32 Rain Gauge Recorder

Manufacturer: Telog, a Trimble Company

RG-32 Rain Gauge Recorder

When you combine the Telog RG-32 rain gauge recorder and Telog's Cloud Solution you have a powerful system of wireless water infrastructure monitoring that is consistently delivering real-time data from the field straight to your desktop....imagine...your data on one platform straight to your computer screen.

Wireless, Battery Operated Rain Gauge Monitoring

Telog’s RG-32 wireless rain gauge establishes a new standard in low power, low cost wireless communication RTUs for rain gauge monitoring. Powered by a single user replaceable D cell lithium battery, the Telog RG-32 continuously monitors the output of a tipping bucket rain gauge collecting rainfall data in user defined time increments then transfers the data automatically over a cellular network to a central host computer. The Telog RG-32 can operate up to five years making on average two calls per day.

Wireless. The Telog RG-32 is available with a choice of the following wireless communication technologies:
-  1xRTT modem certified on Sprint & Verizon in USA
-  GPRS GSM cellular networks

Packaging.  Packaged within a 6.5”x3”x2” NEMA 4x rated environmental enclosure, the Telog RG-32 is small enough to install on the pole or mounting platform attaching the rain gauge. Because the antenna is enclosed within the Telog RG-32, the only connection required is the rain gauge.

Collecting Data.  The RG-32 may be configured to call its host application on a schedule(e.g. once per day; every four hours, etc.) and/or on alarm (e.g. in response to a major rainfall event). Data may be stored in the recorder at user defined intervals (e.g. five minutes, one minute etc.) without concern for data loss because the recorder will store over 80,000 interval totals before overwriting the oldest data.
Data Management Software/Service

The Telog RG-32 is supported by the Telog Cloud Solution, Telog Enterprise and Telogers for Windows host application software. Telog also offers a Data Management Service for users who prefer to outsource the computer data collection and management tasks providing end-use information on a secure website.

Telog RG-32 Wireless, Battery-Powered Rain Gauge RTU:

  • Continuously monitors output of a tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Cellular communication
  • Integral antenna
  • Battery powered
  • Small size
  • Five year operating life

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