Manufacturer: Ashbrook Simon-Hartley


The SBR-Plus™ True Batch Engineering Expertise Sequencing System brings the advantages of an electro-mechanical controlled precision decant rate to batch reactor wastewater treatment.

The combination of a circular V-Notch weir and three-way Multi-Jack™ ensures a finely controlled decant flow rate, which is determined by the control system set point. The decant flow rates can be adjusted to prevent disturbance of settled solids, eliminating first flush problems and maintaining a uniform flow rate during the entire decant cycle, resulting in the production of a high quality effluent. The fiberglass encased high density foam flotation collar prevents both the accumulation of solids and the withdrawal of surface scum at the weir. With the SBR-Plus, weir sealing is eliminated as an issue of concern, as is the need for a decant valve. The SBR-Plus System is provided complete with: floating decanters, blowers, aeration system, direct drive mixers, waste sludge pumps, process control center, and motorized influent and air control valves. The SBR-Plus System is provided with a process guarantee specific to your application.

The SBR sequentially selects multiple, individual processes in a single basin, based upon an activated sludge fill and draw wastewater treatment process.  Combined with the latest in process and control technology, Ashbrook’s SBR incorporates equalization, aeration, clarification, etc. steps, enabling the treatment of wastewaters exhibiting a wide variation in composition, concentration and flow patterns.  

The SBR enables removal of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) as well, utilizing anaerobic/anoxic mixing during the FILL step and on/off cycling of the aeration blowers during the REACT FILL and REACT steps.  All processes are easily programmed into the SBR operating control system.

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