Schloss Engineered Screens

Manufacturer: Smith & Loveless

Schloss Engineered Screens

The comprehensive array of proven SCHLOSS™ engineered screening solutions handle coarse and fine screening, washing, compacting and conveying for both municipal and industrial applications. 

S&L SCHLOSS™ Engineered Screen Solutions
Mark VIII-A™ Mechanical Bar Screen:  Designed for small to very large plants theSCHLOSS™ Mark VIII-A™ Bar Screens are paticulary well suited where larger materials may be present such as hospitals, prisons and similar applications. A fully enclosed Mark VIII-A™ has electrical heating and insulation for colder climates. The screen can also provide weather protection for the screening container which is located behind a door and inside the housing unit. Full enclosures are also availiable for odor and vector control without the heating and insulation.  Smith & Loveless can also provide single or double arm rotary raked bar screens for the most economical screening solutions.

Mark IX-A™ Mechanical Bar Screen:  Designed for small to medium-sized wastewater treatment facilities, the distinctive S&L SCHLOSS™Mark IX-A™ coarse bar screen delivers remarkably reliable screening perfomance with minimal maintenance. This front-cleaned, front returned reacher screen inclines to angles of 75˚ through 90˚ and can be pivoted to incorporate in plants with no bypass channel.  More than 100 S&L SCHLOSS™ Mark IX-A™ screens have been installed at municipal and industrial facilities, including a couple dozen at military bases throughout the United States.

Mark XV-A™ Fine Screw Screen: Designed for smaller in-channel flows, the S&LSCHLOSS™ Mark XV-A™ cost-effectively achieves superior fine screening. Its robust design combines an inclined, stationary screen basket with a conveying screw featuring an outer spiral brush for cleaning. The screen basket incorporates perforated sheet (recommended) or wedge wire screening, while the higher efficiency shafted screw design provides increased durability and service life when compared to imported, shaftless designs. Screenings are washed and dewatered uniquely in a trouble-free plug-type compaction zone.
Built in the USA, the S&L SCHLOSS™ way of design emphasizes the optimal materials of construction to reduce stress cycling and fatigue while guarding against jamming. 

Mark XV-C™ Fine Screw Screen:  Reduce solids, scum and waste disposal costs with the S&L SCHLOSS™ Mark XV-C™ Fine Screw Screen system. Designed for larger in-channel flows, the Mark XV-C™ cost-effectively achieves fine screening through a robust design that combines a cylindrical screen basket with internal rotating rake arm, brush cleaning, and shafted screw conveying. The unique S&L SCHLOSS™ screen basket design eliminates the potential for bar breakage from problem solids like broken glass and gravel.  Removed solids are washed and dewatered, and they can be compacted and optionally bagged for further disposal cost savings.

Mark CI™ Pin Rack ScreenMultiple rake arm selection, precision pin rack assembly design, and customized system options make the S&L SCHLOSS™ Mark CI™ Pin Rack Screen the cost-effective choice for efficient coarse screening for mid-size to large treatment plants and industrial applications with bulky material.

Screening Washers & CompactorsThe succesful engineering behind S&L SCHLOSS™ Grit Classifiers emanates from decades of S&LSCHLOSS™ experience in the bulk handling and mining industries. This results in a rugged grit classifer that achieves 95% of grit down to 150 mesh / 100 micron in particle size. Our design takes special care for all aspects of classifer construction in order to maximize service life and performance over time. Systems are tailored to meet each application with various unit sizes and materials optionally available as desired. Our staff can assist during design.

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