Smart - Microprocessor Based Actuators

Smart - Microprocessor Based Actuators

Limitorque MX & QX electric actuators use advanced technologies to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies.

MX – Multi-Turn Actuators

The MX is the multi-turn product for the non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic actuator marketplace.  Simple to set-up and operate, the MX employs a graphical dot matrix display with local control switches to deliver instant actuator status and valve position.

The MX actuator features an absolute encoder for positioning which doesn't require trouble-some batteries and is designed with B.I.S.T. (Built In Self-Test) capability for self-diagnosis, and of course includes, Limitorque’s namesake, the industry’s best torque sensing and protection system.

The MX electronic actuator can provide torque output of up to 1700 ft-lb (2304 Nm) and is available in a wide variety of configurations to accommodate various applications and valve designs. For torque-only applications, the MX can be directly coupled with multi-turn valves. For thrust applications, a thrust base is installed on the MX. The MX can additionally be coupled to WG or HBC worm gearboxes for operation on part-turn valves such as butterflies, balls, plugs, and dampers. For rising stem valve applications, the MX can be coupled with V series and MT bevel gearboxes; SR spur gearboxes; and the LB (Linear Base) attachment for linear, control valve applications.

QX – Quarter-Turn Actuators 

Actuators providing 90° of rotation are required for quarter-turn valves such as ball, butterfly, plug and dampers, and rotary control valves. These types of Limitorque electric actuators are available for operations such as open-close, modulating, and networked applications. The QX is the Flowserve Limitorque product for the quarter-turn valve market up to 1500 ft-lb. Beyond that range any of the multi-turn products can be assembled with WG or HBC 90° worm gearbox operators to increase torque range and mechanical advantage.