Solo Robot

Manufacturer: Red Zone Robotics

Solo Robot

The world’s only unmanned condition assessment tool designed to deliver unmatched daily quantities of high quality inspection data in your most abundant pipe sizes.

This small robot has a huge impact.  Solo is the world’s first truly unmanned sewer inspection robot that is radically changing the way collection system managers approach operations and management.  Typical daily production rates far outpace conventional methods.  With Solo you never miss a defect.  Field operator variability is eliminated as a factor influencing data quality. Video captured by Solo allows the viewer to Pan-Tilt-Zoom an entire pipe segment in 360 degrees from a PC in a controlled environment. PACP reports can be generated offline without requiring a PACP certified operator to deploy the equipment.

When you couple Solo with RedZone’s ICOM3 software you have full control over a wealth of information in a seamless closed loop environment that allows you to easily review inspection results and plan follow-up O&M activities.


  • Engineered for easy, autonomous deployment
  • Supports diameter pipe from 8” to 12" (200mm to 300mm)
  • 360 degree spherical video capture
  • Extended battery life up to 4 hours
  • Streamlined synchronization with ICOM3 software


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