Volucalc RT Lift Station Brain

Manufacturer: Maid Labs Technologies

Volucalc RT Lift Station Brain

The best wastewater pump station monitoring solution for up to four variable speed or constant speed pumps.  The Volucalc uses the most advanced volumetric flow algorithm ever patented to calculate the flow in and out of lift stations with 99% accuracy.

Constant speed pumps

  • Uses the most advanced volumetric flow algorithm ever patented to calculate the flow in and out of lift stations with 99% accuracy.
  • Calculates the capacity and efficiency (Gallons/Watt) of each pump.
  • Uses 4 relay outputs to indicate to the PLC/RTU which pump should be operating next in order to minimize the operational cost of the station while maximizing the pumps’ life span.
  • Real Time influent flow (analog level sensor required). Real Time flow is calculated every 30 seconds or when the level rises or falls of 3 inches, whatever comes first.
  • 4-20mA analog output proportional to flow.
  • Detects abnormal pump capacity, efficiency, run time, stop time and sequence of operation and generate alarms on the display and remotely. The free MaidMaps Scada software (or users software) required for remote monitoring.
  • Easy installation: connect one current clamp per pump and optional analog level sensor (for real time flow).
  • Constant speed pump curves automatically calibrated and used when abnormal level or head conditions occur.
  • If no analog level input is available, flow will be calculated at each pump cycle.
  • Optional Maid Labs MerMaid lift station analysis software compatibility.

Variable speed pumps

  • The Volucalc RT integrates up to 4 pump curves with multiple RPM for each to derive pumped flow and calculate inflow rate.
  • Uses calibrated pump curves, level and force main pressure to extract the pumps’ flow rate and adjust its 4-20mA analog output proportionally.
  • In lift stations with 3 pumps or less, Volucalc RT uses the pumps’ efficiency to detect abnormal flow rate, like a clogged pump, and generate an alarm.
  • Pump’s RPM comes from VFDs analog outputs.

Common to all pumps

  • HTML file format reports, which can be opened in a Web browser or exported to Excel. The report to the right was downloaded this way and was not formatted.
  • Fits any control panel: small compact flow meter measuring 6 x 4 x 2.2 inches.
  • Integrated open channel flow formulas to calculate volume lost in SSO events.
  • Abnormal event detection with relay output:
  • Many anomalies are based on compiled history comparison
  • Hydraulic (high variation in pump capacity)
  • Energy (high variation in electrical consumption)
  • Efficiency (high variation in volume pumped per watt usage)
  • Alternation (pumps not alternating normally)
  • ON & OFF times (short pump start or stops)
  • Operating time (high variation not caused by inflow)
  • Level related anomalies
  • Improbability in results (e.g. water level falls while pumps are not in operation)
  • Internal battery charger for external battery to keep the level sensor and communication equipment powered during power failure.
  • Optional Remote Web monitoring, alarms, data download via our free scada software MaidMaps.
  • Communication options: Cellular modem, WiFi Modem, Telephone land line modem, Spread Spectrum Radio, Direct connect to Internet
  • TCP/IP MODBUS: Volumes, flow, capacities, efficiencies, starts, run times and all alarms can be reported in real time or totalized since last access.

VOLUCALC RT uses the most advanced derived flow and volumetric flow algorithms ever patented and can be used on up to 4 pumps!

Their unique algorithm is used every time a flow calculation is performed for constant speed pumps, with analog level sensor or not.  A calibrated mag meter is the only other technology as accurate, but only when pumps are in operation and you won’t get inflow, power consumption, efficiency or any abnormal behavior detection from a mag meter.

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