Lovibond photometers, electrochemical meters, turbidity instruments, and setups are being used in the field and in laboratories for visual and automatic measurements. By using powders, tablets or liquid reagents, electrodes, sensors or infrared light sources their products detect impurities in drinking water, help process wastewater and monitor biocides and bacteria in ground and surface water. Whether on-line directly within the industrial process or off-line with sample solutions, their instruments help to avoid corrosions and scale in industrial plants and ensure compliance to required values.

In petroleum, edible oils, foods, textiles, beverages, and cosmetics Lovibond® Tintometer ensures quality with color control. The implementation of internationally recognized color scales, colorimeters and comparators also ensure the right color is met. They have been setting standards for analytics since 1885 with the Lovibond® color scale.

The strengths of Lovibond® Group are progressive, customer-oriented product development, sustained production, a highly flexible distribution and service network as well as first-class customer support.

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