HESCO Proactiview Issue #2 June 2006 – Flow Metering

Taking a “proactive view” on fundamental and emerging water and wastewater issues has enabled HESCO to provide the most effective and affordable process and technology solutions to our clients.

HESCO ProactiView on: Flow Metering

Engineers and Collection System personnel have long struggled with accurate and effective means to measure flows in their sewer systems.  These issues are now critical as regulations tighten, populations increase, and our infrastructure ages, placing greater stresses on urban and rural collection systems alike.  Meanwhile, the public is more aware of these issues than before, and the need to collect more accurate and reliable data is more important than ever.

This issue of the HESCO ProactiView serves to detail the major issues in collection system monitoring and highlight some tools which may be helpful in monitoring these systems. See below for instructions on how to request your FREE copy of the newly released Sixth Edition of the “Isco Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook”.