HESCO Proactiview Issue #3 July 2006 – Water Hammer & Pipe Bang

Click on the following link to view the HESCO ProactiView on Water Hammer & Pipe Bang.

HESCO ProactiView on Water Hammer and Pipe Bang

If you have been inside a pump station and heard the dreaded bang inside the pipes, you know that Pipe Bang caused by a Water Hammer sounds like someone took a sledge and pounded on the entire system.  Did it cause major damage or just sound terrible?  Either way, it is clearly not the way any manager wants his system to operate.

So what do you do about it?  First of all, there are two separate things that may be happening, and it is important to determine which one (or both) you need to deal with:  Water Hammer and Pipe Bang.  For each of these problems, there are effective control strategies that can be implemented to prevent them.

Whether your system currently has these issues, or if you’d like to avoid them all together, HESCO can assist you in designing or retrofitting a system that will avoid these problems.