HESCO ProactiView Issue #4 August 2006 – Level Measurement

There are many approaches to measuring the level of water in a vessel, and just as many “expert” opinions on which is the best. Read the HESCO ProactiView to learn the relevant differences between today's most effective (complimentary) technologies: Radar and Ultrasonics.

Knowing the level of a material in your process is a seemingly simple and straightforward measure, and a fundamental piece of data necessary to manage a complex process system.  Should you use point level or continuous measure?  Should you use contacting or non-contacting instruments?  And most exciting:  Should you use Ultrasonic or Radar equipment?

Download:  Siemens Level Technology Selection Guide (PDF)

Call Kevin Livingston or Glenn Hummel at 586-978-7200 and mention that you are following up on the ProactiView on Level Measurement. We will be happy to discuss with you the details of your specific application and begin to help you choose the right equipment.

Email Kevin Livingston or Glenn Hummel directly.  Be sure to include your name, contact information, and brief description of your situation, needs and questions. We can attach the Siemens Level Technology Selection Guide upon request.