HESCO ProactiView Issue #5 September 2006 – Chlorine Feed Systems

Disinfection is a crucial process in virtually all water and waste water treatment facilities. Chlorine gas is inexpensive to purchase, and highly effective, but the safety precautions are extensive and a leak can be devastating. Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite is safer and effective, but stills needs careful handling, and off-gassing can bind pumps if not properly vented. This ProactiView addresses all the pros, cons, benefits and safety concerns of both gas and liquid chlorine, so you can make an informed decision.

Online Resources

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems

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PULSAfeeder Metering Pump Handbook – comprehensive design manual. First 15 requests called in to HESCO receive free handbook.

Liquid Feed Systems

See this link for PDF files of the following:

  • Pulsar HypoPump: Innovative Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump or Vapor Handling
  • PULSAfeeder Hydraulic Metering Pumps: Designing a Trouble-Free Feed Pump Installation
  • PULSAfeeder Eclipse Series Gear Pumps
  • PULSAfeeder Isochem Centrifugal and Gear Pumps

Ultraviolet and Ozone Disinfection

Assorted Other Resources

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