HESCO ProactiView Issue #6 October 2006 – Flow Control Gates

Sluice and slide gates have been used for water flow control for hundreds of years. A few years ago, the venerable cast iron sluice gate was challenged by a fabricated sluice gate for use in submerged, high-head flow control conditions. Ultimately, cast iron won out to remain the champion for that application. Fabricated slide gates constructed of aluminum or stainless steel had been used successfully to control flow in open channels, and there are several important reasons why they should continue to be used in this way. This issue of ProactiView will shed some light on the design differences of the Cast Iron Sluice Gate and the Fabricated Slide Gate to provide guidance on the appropriate uses of each.

Follow up with HESCO Regarding Flow Control Gates

HESCO is ready and happy to help you select the most appropriate Flow Control Gates for your specific application. Our partner, Rodney Hunt Company, has been the leading manufacturer in Flow Control Gates for 150 years, and together, we can provide the most knowledgeable and experienced resources, whether you have submerged or open channel flow control needs. We have assisted hundreds of engineers and operators in the proper selection, specification, and operation of both cast iron and fabricated control gates and are able to help you with your application.

There are two immediate ways that you can contact us:

1.  Call Kevin Livingston or Glenn Hummel at 586-978-7200 and mention that you are following up on the ProactiView on Flow Control Gates. We will be happy to discuss with you the details of your specific application and begin to help you choose the right equipment.

2. Email Kevin Livingston or Glenn Hummel directly.  Be sure to include your name, contact information, and brief description of your situation, needs and questions.