HESCO ProactiView Issue #7 November 2006 – Grit Capture, Transport and Removal

Grit is a problem for all publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). It is small dense material, such as broken glass, metal shavings and particles, silt, pebbles, and aggregate that ends being captured in the collection system and transported to the POTW. It ranges in size from very fine (approximately 50 mesh or 300 microns) to fairly coarse. If these particles are not removed they abrade pumps and other mechanical devices, causing undue wear and increased maintenance costs. In addition, grit has the tendency to settle and collect in corners and bends, reducing flow capacity and ultimately clogging pipes and channels. It also collects in sludge treatment processes such as digesters, which reduces the active volume and treatment capacity of the digester. Removing grit from a digester and repairing equipment damaged or worn by grit, is a difficult and costly burden for maintenance personnel and their budgets. This issue of the ProactiView digs in to the Grit, and invites you to attend a 4-hour comprehensive “Grit School”.

Vortex Based Pista Grit Removal System by Smith & Loveless

Follow up with HESCO to Attend “Grit School”

This article has raised many of the pertinent questions related to the Grit Removal Process, and introduced some of the challenges associated with designing and running this process.

To become an expert on this process, and the variety of solutions available on the market, as well as learn how to troubleshoot and improve existing systems, and properly layout a new system, HESCO invites you to join us for a 

FREE: Grit School Seminar.

This “Grit School” Seminar is planned for the first quarter of 2007. 

If you are:

  • POTW personnel dealing with this process and/or the problems caused by grit.
  • An experienced Engineer involved in designing a new plant or a plant upgrade with this process.
  • Or a young professional interested in expanding your education & experience in treatment processes.

Please indicate your interest by clicking HERE.  Please include your name, contact information and location.  We will coordinate with the respondents to establish a convenient date and location.  Grit School is 4 hours, and will include a continental breakfast, and a lunch.

There are two immediate ways that you can contact us:

1.  Call Kevin Livingston or Glenn Hummel at 586-978-7200 and mention that you are following up on the ProactiView on Grit Capture, Transport and Removal. We will be happy to discuss with you the details of your specific application or get you registered for Grit School.

2. Email Kevin Livingston or Glenn Hummel directly.  Be sure to include your name, contact information, and brief description of your situation, needs and questions.