The Measuring Success Tour Comes to Annual Conference

HESCO brings “Measuring Success Social” as well as several technical presentations to 2016 MWEA Annual Conference.

The Seimens “Measuring Success Social” visited 2016 MWEA Annual Conference for a deep dive into Seimen's wide-ranging portfolio of analytical, process control, and industrial automation technologies.  The event was co-sponsored by Red Zone Robotics, cnp Technologies and Unison Solutions. The Siemens Mobile Showcase is an interactive experience featuring flow, level and measurement technology. From video to interactive kiosks to simulated processes and working instruments, visitors experienced the benefits of Siemens firsthand.  . 

We also had several manufacturers give technical sessions at the conference!

 Eric Wilgenbusch from Unison Solutions presented both “Biogas Conditioning for CHP “Do and Don'ts” and “BioCNG – Biogas isn't just for CHP Anymore!”. Kenosha Energy Optimized Resource Recovery Project was presented by Kenosha Water Utility and cnp Technologies.  Finally, Matt Horton of Red Zone Robotics gave a presentation titled, “Regional Analysis of the Effective Data Driven for O & M Planning for Collections”