Control Valve Webinar Series

Pressure Reducing Valves: Selection, Design & Sizing August 17, 11am EST: Click here to register

Proper sizing and selection of pressure-reducing valves are critically important to any system. The correct sizing of pressure-reducing valves depends on several factors including differential pressure, minimum and maximum flow rates, anticipated future requirements, etc. In this webinar, we take an in-depth look at design considerations when sizing a PRV. Although these types of valves are designed to handle capacity requirements from maximum flow to zero flow, more efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs can be obtained by choosing the correct size of valve or valves (compound installation) for a particular application. Discussions will include both piston and diaphragm styles of valves.


ON-DEMAND: Functionality of Automatic Control Valves: Click here to view

Pump Control Valves are the main controller of system pipelines. They control the rate of flow, pressure in the system, and any potential pressure transient events. When a pump loses power and shuts down for a given period of time, kinetic energy is trapped inside the column of water. A pump control valve is put into the pipeline to prevent catastrophic system failure. There are various types of pump control valves for use in a wide range of applications and this presentation will explain them all.

ON-DEMAND: Pump Control Valves: The Brain of the Operation: Click here to view

Automatic control valves regulate the pressure or flow required from demand or supply without the use of an external mechanical actuator. In this webinar, we will take an in-depth look on the functionality of a control valve and what it takes to modulate, open, or close under certain operating conditions as well as both common and some unique applications that you may find are more beneficial using an automatic control valve in.