Trimble Utilities

Trimble Utilities offers a comprehensive line of field sensors and telemetry solutions for remote monitoring systems for drinking water distribution systems and wastewater collection systems. It provides an automated means of collecting, archiving, presenting and sharing data from collection system remote assets such as flowmeters, rain gauges, CSO/SSOsurcharge sensors, pre-treatment water quality sensors, lift stations, and pressure sensors. Telog’s software solutions have evolved over the past decade. Over this period, our customers have been able to take advantage of dramatic changes in Telog’s data management host application’s performance while retaining use of their field instrumentation. All Telog products, including the very first models Trimble Utilities, manufactured 20 years ago are supported by Telog Enterprise host software system.

Applications & Products

  • Collection Systems
  • CSO Treatment
  • Flow Metering
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Process Monitoring
  • Sampling (Stormwater, Sewage)
  • Telemetry

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