Nexom to present, “Beating Ammonia Limits,” at Lagoon Seminar

Hear Nexom present, “Beating Ammonia Limits,” at the Lagoon Seminar to discover how your lagoon-based facility could achieve non-detect ammonia levels and broad-spectrum nutrient removal. 

Can a lagoon-based wastewater treatment plant meet tomorrow’s ammonia limits? What about phosphorus, and total nitrogen limits? Merle Kroeker, Project Development Manager at Nexom is coming to the MWEA’s Annual Lagoon Seminar to show you that the answers to both questions are emphatically “yes.”

Using a case study of Sundridge, Ontario’s wastewater treatment plant (located about 3 hours’ drive due north of Toronto), Kroeker will explain how Nexom’s SAGR post-lagoon nitrification removes ammonia to <1 mg/L in dozens of installations across North America, including in water that’s less than 34°F.

But with phosphorus removal and denitrification becoming key considerations for lagoons across the Great Lakes region, Kroeker will also introduce the infini-D™ Zero-Downtime Phosphorus Removal system that uses a cloth disk filter with built-in redundancy to beat Sundridge’s 0.3 mg/L phosphorus limit, as well as options for going much lower. And pioneered at Sundridge is Nexom’s patent-pending denitrification process that utilizes both a lagoon and SAGR’s built-in biology to remove 70% of nitrates.

Kroeker’s presentation, titled “Beating Ammonia Limits,” is one you won’t want to miss, and an opportunity to discover how your lagoon-based facility could achieve not just non-detect ammonia levels, but even broad-spectrum nutrient removal with the O&M and process simplicity that have made lagoons the wastewater treatment of choice for small- and medium-sized Michigan communities for generations.