With 30 of manufacturers exhibiting, WEFTEC provides the opportunity to network, and to share access to HESCO's line of cutting-edge technologies and services.

Click HERE to view a list of all our manufacturers at WEFTEC. Here's some other things you don't want to miss…. 


Michigan Night 6:00-7:30pm Eastern 


Komline Sanderson 5:00-6:00pm in booth announcement – Booth 2429

MBR Mobile session at the Kubota booth 4:05 to 4:20pm and also at 4:25 to 4:40pm – Booth 7413

Atlas Copco in-booth reception to view the latest blower technology and enjoy a beer brewed by their customer, Abita Brewing Company 4-6:00 PM – Booth 4837


Presentation “Let Me Upgrade You” featuring Centrisys/CNP Technology: PONDUS – Session #424 – Room 244 – 4:00pm

Franklin Miller 100 anniversary celebration and cocktail party – 4:00 -5:00 pm – Booth 4719

Technical sessions on advanced biofilm technology and cost-saving packaged headworks by Smith & Loveless Attendees can mark two different Mobile Sessions using WEFTEC app. Starting at 9:40AM visitors can attend the “Hydraulic Forced Vortex Grit Removal Systems” presentation and “All-Natural Mobile Biofilm Enhances Clarifier Settling” session at 11 AM

HESCO Annual WEFTEC Customer Dinner


Presentation: Advances in Solids Clarification” featuring Centrisys/CNP Technology – Session #603 – Room 239 – 1:50pm

Presentation: “Sidestream Impacts from Start up to Implementation” featuring Centrisys/CNP Technology: AirPrex – Session #606 – Room 354 – 3:30pm

Presentation: How to Save $1M per Year in Operational Costs: Efficiencies in Sludge Dewatering featuring Centrisys/CNP Technology – Session #617 – Room 344 – 4:00pm