HESCO is a Michigan based Environmental Technology Broker, specializing in Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology, and the Industrial Instrumentation and Process Optimization fields.

Our exclusive alliances with our business partners allow us to provide innovative, value-driven solutions to our client’s problems. We have the technical knowledge, experience, and technology to solve, manage and even prevent a process problem before it occurs. Our experience and advice has proven time and time again to be a valuable asset when our clients ask us to team with them to solve their process problems.

Featured Product

Volucalc RT Lift Station Brain

The best wastewater pump station monitoring solution for up to four variable speed or constant speed pumps.  The Volucalc uses the most advanced volumetric flow algorithm ever patented to calculate the flow in and out of lift stations with 99% accuracy.

Manufacturer: Maid Labs Technologies

Featured Manufacturer

Maid Labs Technologies

Maid Labs Technologies offers advanced motor and pump performance analysis, volumetric flow meters with real time analog output, and data loggers to monitor level, pressure, and CSO/SSO applications.

  • Collection Systems
  • Process Monitoring

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Centrisys TCHP Up and Running at Kenosha, WI

Mar 20, 2016

North America’s first installation of the PONDUS Thermo Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP) is fully functional! 

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