HESCO is a Michigan based Environmental Technology Broker, specializing in Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology, and the Industrial Instrumentation and Process Optimization fields.

Our exclusive alliances with our business partners allow us to provide innovative, value-driven solutions to our client’s problems. We have the technical knowledge, experience, and technology to solve, manage and even prevent a process problem before it occurs. Our experience and advice has proven time and time again to be a valuable asset when our clients ask us to team with them to solve their process problems.

Featured Product

Solo Robot

The world’s only unmanned condition assessment tool designed to deliver unmatched daily quantities of high quality inspection data in your most abundant pipe sizes.

Manufacturer: Red Zone Robotics

Featured Manufacturer

Teledyne Isco

Isco is the world leading manufacturer of wastewater samplers and open channel flow meters.

  • Collection Systems
  • CSO Treatment
  • Flow Metering
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Process Monitoring
  • Sampling (Stormwater, Sewage)
  • Telemetry

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HESCO Exhibiting at the MWEA Collections Seminar

Sep 10, 2015

We will be exhibiting products providing collections systems solutions 

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Prime Solution Rotary Fan Press Demo

Sep 10, 2015

Where proven reliability meets the ever changing demands of dewatering. Experience the Prime Solution Rotary Fan Press. 

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Tour the Kenosha WWTP

Sep 27, 2015

You’re invited to take a look at North America’s first installation of the revolutionary Pondus Thermo - Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP). This energy-efficient process enables equipment payback in 8 years or less!

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Get on the Bus to WEFTEC

Sep 28, 2015

Join the MWEA for a day trip to WEFTEC for only $90

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HESCO is Hiring!

Aug 12, 2015

HESCO is searching for qualified candidates to fill an open Office Assistant position within our organization.  

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